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Prototyping Safety/Reliability Testing/ Inspection
Manufacturing Logistics management    
An ISO 9001 company, Gigatek provides fast, low-cost, and accountable Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) solutions that unleash the full financial professional of outsourced manufacturing.
Our Taiwanese factories manage High-Mix, Low-Volume (HMLV) operations, while our China factory manages
High-Volume Manufacturing (HVM). We provide the following contract manufacturing services to clients:
.Rapidly built to specifications
.Phased prototyping
.Revisions and modifications
.Testing and evaluation
.Environmental testing
.Third-party testing service
Testing/ Inspection
.Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
.100% in-process inspections
.In-circuit tests (ICT)
.Customized testing jigs
.Functional tests
.Outgoing Quality Control (OQC)sampling inspection
.Low-cost, quick turn-around
.Turnkey solutions
.SMT/PTH assembly
.Automatic and manual circuit assembly
.Box / Final assemblies
.Flexible production schedule
Logistics management
Gigatek is a strategic EMS partner to OEM corporations throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. We serve a variety of industries and contract manufacturing needs, offering turnkey product service and mass production capabilities at a fraction of the cost found elsewhere.
We currently serve the following equipment/component
industries with our PCB assemblies:
.Card Readers
.Access Controls
.Banking Peripheral
.Ethernet Controllers
.Data communications
.RFID Readers / Transponders
.Wireless modules
.Subwoofer Amplifiers
.Speaker Systems
.Industrial Electronics
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