Fully integrated group management team
    • Auto-ID, POS Peripherals, RFID Devices, Research and Development, & Marketing
    • Keiga Inc.
    • An extensive, experienced, quick-to-market, one-stop OEM/ODM audio amplification resource, with available designs incorporating traditional, IoT, streaming, and wireless audio formats. Markets served include the C.I., C.E., P.C. and automotive industries.
    • Tibbo Technology.
    • Ethernet modules, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) modules, converters, networking devices We undertook to become a leader in hardware and software solutions that simplify and speed up the creation of IoT and automation devices.
    • SES RFID Solutions Co., Ltd.
    • RFID Tag (Transponder). Design, marketing, turnkey service and robotic handling for CUSTOMIZED RFID transponder & SES TECHNOLOGY products.
    • YAGA INC.
    • We can provide turnkey production for SMT, PTH/DIP, Products assembly, test and packing service. Experience in the production of various electronic products including medical equipment, motherboards of automotive device, FPC, Module, aluminum and other types of PCB Assembly. And can use the factory-related equipments to help customers make Thermo Shock test, X-Ray test and CT analysis.
        S&E Technology Co., Ltd.
      • Specialty Areas -
        ● Assets and materials transaction management
        ● Product biography management
        ● Room usage management
        ● Electric power usage management
        ● RFID Application
      • Customer Case -
        1. Local prosecutor’s office -Stolen goods and evidence monitoring system.
        2.Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital- Oxygen cylinder inventory management system.
        3.Chu Yang Technology Engineering – Equipment inventory management system.
        4.Gigatek - Product biography management system.
        5.National Library of Public Information-Intelligent reversing bookcase management system.
        6.Chen Yung- The laundry wagon disinfected management system
        7.Beijing AMBOW-Smart classroom management system
        8.R.X. International Ltd. - Product biography management system.
    • EMS Integrators, LLC
    • EMS Integrators provides expertise for wireless product development utilizing both RF and RFID technologies. Our primary objective is to solve the problems of our customers. The level of support we provide varies from simple RF antenna design to full product development with box build and product certifications (FCC, CE, etc.).
      Our areas of expertise are focused on user authentication using RFID, NFC, or BLE technologies. Our team includes an experienced network of EMS manufacturers providing both ODM and DFM services for wireless products. EMS Integrators can provide access to a secure credential management system for user authentication using RFID, NFC and BLE credentials. We also provide sourcing of electronic components, plastics, cable assemblies, and other materials.
    • MEGAGO TECH Co., Ltd.
    • Design and development of electric vehicles, self-driving cars and energy systems