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Surface Mount Optical Machine 3D X-Ray Machine Test Equipment
We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and machinery for PCB assembly (Surface-mount technology (SMT), Plated-through hole (PTH), wave soldering, etc.), Dual-inline package (DIP) technology, 3D Computed Tomography, clean room design, plastic injection molding, silk screen printing, wire winding, Chip on Board (COB) assembly, etc.

In addition, we are committed to capital investment in order to maintain superior in-house manufacturing capabilities and to ensure cutting-edge service offerings.
For this reason, we acquired a state-of-the-art 3D X-Ray Machine in 2011 for 3D Computed Tomography (CT Ability), and constructed a brand new facility in Taichung in 2013.
Equipment Highlights:
Name Brand Model Function Q’ty Capacity / Character
Screen Printer TA CHEN TC-3040 Solder Paste Printer 1 20 sec. / pc.
Auto Printe DEK ELAi Solder Paste Printer 2 14 sec. / pc.
Horizon 03i Solder Paste Printer 2 12 sec. / pc.
MINAMI MK-868SV Solder Paste Printer 1 25 sec. / pc.
EKRA X4 Solder Paste Printer 1 25 sec. / pc.
Glue Dispenser SANYO TDM-60 SMT Dispensing operations 1 15000 points / hr.
Chip Mounter SONY SI-F130 Placement speed 0.125 sec (0.3mm Pitch 01005) 1 154,000 point / hr.
SI-E1000 Placement speed 0.28 sec (0402) 1
SI-E1100 Placement speed 0.17 sec (0201) 3
JUKI KE-2070L Placement speed 0.155 sec (0.3mm Pitch 01005) 2
Multi-Function Mounter SONY SI-F209 Placement speed 0.49 sec (0.3mmPitch) 2 7350 point / hr. (CHIP)
SI-E2100 Placement speed 0.60 sec (0.3mm Pitch) 1 6000 point / hr. (CHIP)
JUKI KE-2060L Placement speed 0.28 sec (0.4mm Pitch) 2 12,500 point / hr. (CHIP)
KE-2070L+T Placement speed 0.155 sec (0.3mm Pitch 01005) 1 18,580 point / hr. (CHIP)
KE-2080L+T Placement speed 0.155 sec
(0.3mm Pitch 01005)
1 20,900 point / hr. (CHIP)
Hot Air Reflow Oven Vitronics XPM2 820A Air Reflow 3 15's / Pcs
MR933 N2 Reflow 2
Loyal Sun LS-16RN N2 Reflow 1
Automatic Optical Inspection TRi TR7501DT Automatic Inspection PCB 4  
BGA REWORK STATION DIC RD-500SII Rework BGA package Component 1  
X-Ray 3D CT GE Micromex 2D,2.5D, CNC, CT 1 0.9um
X-ray Fluorescent Analyzer, XRF SEIKO SEA1000A RoHS control substance quickly screening mechanism (Desk-Top) 1 Scope: Mg12 ~ U92
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